Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Fred Woodward


This is what my collage looks like without text layered over the top and before i fiddled with the transparency setting. I used images of flamingos, flamingo feather textures, the back of a woman's head and a glass of whisky to compose it. I thought the collage helped to bring through the fun, happy, friendly nature of the ministry of sound club. I used brushes, the transparency tool and blend options to help blend imaged together along with the burn and dodge tools to enhance some parts.

Developed collage concept

I was much happier with this design. I feel the layout of text is better flowing resulting in an easier read. I also thought by making 'the ministry of sound' text smaller and combining it with the logo in the bottom corner helped the overall balance of the document.

Initial Collage concept

This is my collage themed poster. I wasn't completely happy with the result as i thought the background collage montage was to overpowering with the text and this may make it unreadable, especially as these posters are possibly to be read from moving vehicles.

Primal Scream album artwork

This is collage work by Julian House, it is what inspired me when developing my collage style poster

Developed Saturday Sessions poster design

I worked more on the layout of text and had a bit more think about actually how it would be read by a viewer and what info should block with other info. I think this design is again much easier to read.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Ministry of Sound Saturday Sessions concept

This is another concept using different background textures and a different colour scheme

Ministry of Sound Saturday Sessions

Initial poster design to promote the saturday sessions starting at the ministry of sound club in southwalk, London. I was quite happy with the overall effect and atmosphere this design gives off due to the colours and the vibrant flamingos however i felt the text needed a-lot more work, as attention was distracted from it to the imagery.